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EU risk category

Apple Tree continues 'low risk’.

Every year Apple Tree Fund is required to evaluate its EU risk category. The result is that Apple Tree Fund continues its low risk rating, resulting in a risk category 2.

The risk category 2 (on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 = low risk and 7 = high risk) confirms the Fund’s stable net returns over time, following from its strategy and strict implementation of its risk framework. Low risk, in combination with solid net returns, is one of the Fund’s key goals.

You can find the updated Key Information Document here.

Background info: The EU risk indicator is an important tool to be able to compare risk profiles of investment funds across the board. This indicator is set up and being calculated following fixed European rules, to ensure a best possible comparison between funds. European regulation dictates an evaluation of the risk category at least once per year. Last year, Apple Tree Fund had a risk rating of 3. The revision of the rating to 2 has a technical reason and does not imply an improvement of the Fund’s risk. Previously, Apple Tree Fund had to add ‘1’ to its calculated risk, because of the use of monthly data. As of this year, the Fund has enough required daily data to use daily data instead.

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