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Factsheet February 2024

Wow, what a month. Markets shot up amidst financial results and outlooks. Where January started off bleak, February made up for that in spades. Stock market indices are (finally) breathing down our neck.

Apple Tree Fund’s factsheet for February 2024:

  • +0.6% - Net return for the month

  • +1.1% - Net return 2024 YtD

  • +10.9% - Last Twelve Months (LTM)

  • EUR 21.2m - Assets under Management (AuM)

  • Risk category 2 (low risk, EU standards)

Take a look at the factsheet down here or download the PDF.

Want to view previous factsheets, visit our archive.

Factsheet Apple Tree Fund

Source: Apple Tree Capital Partners

Apple Tree Fund - Factsheet February 2024
Download PDF • 463KB

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