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Investment psychology

How rational are investors? We all have our opinions. Again a few pictures.

Times are changing

Source: Safal Niveshak, Compounding Quality

Rationally, we know that, in general, it is best to keep stocks as long as possible. Compounding and investing through the cycles usually work. Perfect (investment) timing is a talent that only few of us have been blessed with. And yet, look at the development of the overall holding period for stocks. Rational?

Prospect Theory

It describes how individuals assess their loss and gain perspectives in an asymmetric manner. The theory suggests that people feel losses twice as hard as gains.

Source: Daniel Kahneman (Thinking fast and slow), Compounding Quality

The cycle of market emotions

Where are you currently at?

Source: Compounding Quality

Feeling bad about an investment?

If you ever feel bad about an investment, think of Ronald Wayne in 1976.

On this day in 1976 Ronald Wayne, Apple's third co-founder, sold his 10% stake for $800. Reportedly, "Twelve days after Wayne wrote the document that formally created Apple, he returned to the registrar's office and renounced his role in the company", therefore relinquishing his equity in exchange for US$800 on April 12, 1976.

Today, that stake would be worth around $250B.

Source: Wikipedia

A golden oldie

Don’t forget about that herd-mentality.

And if all else fails…

… the purring of a cat has some soothing effects. It won’t bring back your profits, but you may feel those losses not “twice as hard as gains”.

Source: Apple Tree Capital Partners

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