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Experiences from our participants

Here you will find more experiences from participants in the Fund. For privacy reasons we cannot disclose names. However, during or after an introductory meeting with us, we can provide you with some participants’ names who are willing to share their experiences with you.

Anonymous, participant since 1-9-2021

The only thing we (slightly) regret is that it took us six months to decide to invest with Apple Tree. The results are good and the team is very client oriented and transparent. Highly recommended.

T.S., participant since 1-9-2021

For years we have felt the desire to invest our savings, but we were always worried about the risk and if it would be the right thing to do. When we heard of Apple Tree we were instantly interested, because their proposition (low risk, liquid and profitable) suited us perfectly. After a conversation with one of the partners we were convinced and decided to participate. I had expected to be anxious, but I have not worried for a single second. It all feels very trustworthy and secure. Now, every month, we eagerly await our personalized report.

Anonymous, participant since 1-8-2021


I have been investing in financial markets for some time now, and I was looking for something with low risk and yet solid returns. Something that is hard or even impossible to find in the market. I always thought that a well-diversified portfolio of stocks and ETFs would have a low risk. Unfortunately, after some research, I found this was still classified as high risk.

Apple Tree offers something uniquely different from other investment funds: low risk (much lower than diversified stocks) with solid returns. Plus, I can easily access my money.


At first I thought this is too good to be true. But after several conversations with Marco and to have seen the Fund perform in the past few months, I believe that Apple Tree will be able to deliver on its promise in both the short term and the long term. Apple Tree follows a strategy that is distinctively different from other parties and is focused on keeping the risk low. They are a strong team and I like the personal contact with the owners. 


I also use the option to automatically invest a monthly amount. An ideal way to make my capital grow without thinking about it.

Apple Tree for me stands for honest, trustworthy people who believe in what they are doing and who have created a product that satisfies a need of many people to take care of their financial future in a low risk manner.

C.O. & R.B., partipant since 1-7-2021

The enrolment process was super-efficient and collaborative. Since we’ve joined we get regular updates in a very clear and transparent way. The enthusiasm and commitment of the team is something we find refreshing. And the results are solid and consistent, month after month!

J.E., participant since 1-6-2021

We have been investing with Apple Tree for about a half year now and are very pleased. Before investing, Roger has informed us extensively about the fund and he has survived multiple, thorough question rounds from us. The guidance is very personal and friendly and no question is too much.

N.B., participant since 1-5-2021

We started investing with Apple Tree less than one year ago. In this time, we have doubled our investment amount with the Fund as we have been extremely satisfied with the overall results. Having known Roger personally, we already trusted him with our finances, and having seen the consistent growth of the portfolio, we know we made the right decision in doing so. Roger always shares timely and useful reports regarding the performance of the fund each month. He also always checks in with us – in a time where online interactions are increasingly becoming the norm, the personal touch always makes one feel valued.

F.C., participant since 1-4-2021


I have invested in Apple Tree Fund from almost the beginning and have topped up my investment several times now. The investment strategy is proven, which shows in the solid returns. The risk is much lower than the risk of investing in (diversified) stocks, because of something they have built and tested over the past 20 years.


And on top of that, you get this warm, personalized service where you truly feel part of the community. No questions or concerns are left unanswered. What a difference from larger funds/banks. Happy to recommend Apple Tree Fund to anyone who is looking for low-risk, solid returns and easy access to their money.

R.d.V., participant since 1-4-2021


Shortly after the start I invested with Apple Tree Fund. And I have invested more money twice after that. Why? Because the investment strategy clearly works and the returns are more than good. Because Roger and Marco are honest, humble and transparent. And because I am convinced that my capital is in good hands with them.

W.P., participant since 1-3-2021

I am very happy with my investment over the last year – far exceeded expectation. Well done on setting up an investment approach that makes me sleep peacefully. Looking forward to many more years of Safe and Profitable investment with Apple Tree.

F.v.L., participant since 1-2-2021


I have invested in the Fund from early 2021, because they have a different strategy than usual. The combination of excellent returns, very low risk and the fact that I can withdraw my capital at any point in time are very compelling to me. Their communication is pleasant and very transparent. No regrets whatsoever. As a matter of fact, in the mean time I have added more capital to my initial investment. Until now, nothing but praise for the team behind Apple Tree Fund.

C.B., participant since 1-2-2021


I am a successful entrepreneur with a law degree and an MBA and have worked in the financial sector for the last 17 years. Yet my money was sitting in a bank account doing nothing. It ate at me because I knew my money should be working for me. Part of it was lack of time, energy and confidence to find the right investment with the right risk/reward profile and part of it was concern about getting locked in, ripped off or paying needless fees. So it sat in the bank…until Apple Tree Fund.


I invested with Apple Tree Fund and absolutely love seeing my monthly statements with a clear graphic illustration of how my capital is growing. I trust Roger and Marco and their methodology. I also know I can get the money out whenever I need it, no questions asked, no fees. I’m not a gambler and I don’t need the roller coaster drama of stock picking. But I love the steady returns, low risk profile and liquidity the ATC fund provides. Such a relief to finally close that app that was always open in my head and just enjoy the satisfaction of watching my finances grow.

F.H., participant since 1-2-2021

I have experienced Apple Tree to exactly deliver on its promise: reliable, simple, transparent. This straight from the registration into the fund, to the monthly clean, simple to understand and transparent overviews, to the actual results they deliver. Many financial service institutions have a long way to go still…….. but the blue print is just here. Apple Tree. Besides that, very friendly people! 

K.H., participant since 1-2-2021

Pleased to have joined the Apple Tree Fund, transparent and great returns, thank you.

Note: some experiences have been translated  from their original language at the courtesy of Apple Tree Capital Partners B.V.

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