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Safe. Liquid. Profitable.

Worry-free and profitable investing with the convenience of a savings account

Investing (too) volatile? Are you looking for lower risk for your capital?



Low risk, (EU-category 2), accessible to all. We apply a proven investment strategy with a risk management system that we have developed over more than 20 years. Fixed rules, no emotions, no exceptions.

Money tied up for a long time? Do you want easy access to your money without reducing capital growth?



Easy access to your capital. Do you need money for a car, a holiday or your own business? No problem. If you want a full or partial exit, you got it. At no charge.


Low interest rates, hidden fees? What is your net annual return?




Net target returns of 6-10% per year. And a track record that often outperforms the target returns. All after fees and costs. Net and transparent, no fine print.

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What participants experience

F.v.L., participant since 1-2-2021

“…The combination of excellent returns, very low risk and the fact that I can withdraw my capital at any point in time are very compelling to me…”


R.d.V., participant since 1-4-2021


“…Because the investment strategy clearly works and the returns are more than good. Because Roger and Marco are honest, humble and transparent. And because I am convinced that my capital is in good hands with them…”

T.S., participant since 1-9-2021

“…I had expected to be anxious, but I have not worried for a single second…”

During or after an introductory meeting with us, we can provide you with some particpants' names, who are willing to share their experiences with you.

Read more experiences here

The target return and the returns shown on this website are based on past performance. Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

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