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Banking crisis?

Short but not so sweet. The (almost) banking crisis from March-April this year. Luckily it did not have the impact of 15 years ago, for a lot of valid reasons. But, it could have been worse. Did we just dodge a massive bullet? Three interesting pictures.

Picture 1. A graph saying that the three banks that collapsed this year had an equal amount of assets (USD 550 billion) compared to all banks that failed in 2008 and 2009 (165 banks). Important to note is that these numbers are not corrected for inflation (the message remains similar though).

Bank failures in brief | Apple Tree Capital Partners

Picture 2. Same idea, different representation. In other words, these banks that recently failed were not small banks!

Bank failures 2023 | Apple Tree Capital Partners

Picture 3. Another graph, this time with a warning. A lack of trust in and between banks, resulting in a credit crunch (banks not lending anymore, i.e. tighter lending standards), resulting in a global crisis. We’re getting to that point again….

Trust in and between banks | Apple Tree Capital Partners

Sources: Bloomberg, Macrobond

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