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Delayed coffee

“In a small café, a few people come in and order five coffees; two for themselves and three postponed. 

They pay and walk over to their table, and I ask my friend, "What does that mean, "delayed coffee?". The answer is, "Wait, you'll find out in a moment." 

After my friend's answer, we take a closer look at who comes in and how they order.

And so some more people come in. Two girls each order a coffee, pay and leave. The next order is made by three lawyers. They order seven coffees, three for them and four postponed. I'm still not much wiser and still wonder what those delayed coffees mean. In the meantime, I enjoy the sun and the beautiful view of the square in front of the café. 

Suddenly, a man who looks like a tramp walks in. He walks up to the bar and asks kindly, "Is there another delayed coffee?". 

It's a very simple system, where someone buys a cup of coffee in advance for someone who can't afford it. So, you don't know in advance exactly who you're ordering for. It doesn't necessarily have to be a coffee; it can also be another (hot) drink or a sandwich or in some cases even a complete meal. This tradition started in Naples (Italy) but is now starting to spread rapidly around the world. 

Wouldn't it be nice if there were cafes and/or shops everywhere in every village or town where one could buy deferred products for our less fortunate fellow man? It would be a wonderful signal that despite all the misery they may experience themselves, people still care about others. 

Maybe it's an idea to do the same for people who are reading this and have their own café or a shop? Undoubtedly, the customers will like it if there is an option to do a trifle for another human being. 

And... Many small things make one big one.”

Source: Lennard Burggraaf (LinkedIn)

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