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The Rallying Cry at #COP27

Lelemba Phiri: “It's been a super productive 3 days at #COP27 with The Rallying Cry team participating in and facilitating several sessions. It's been an amazing #collaboration working with their team to find promising #women in #Agri businesses that implement #climate friendly practices.

Through the collaboration we were privileged to meet Bupe from Farm 23 Strawberry who uses traditional renegeration methods to heal the soil on a commercial basis, and we ended up #investing in her impactful business from Africa Trust Group 's - #Empress Fund.

It was great to all be on a panel together today to showcase the success of our collaboration and share how the Empress fund created #innovative financing instruments to suit Bupe's unique context and purpose. A true case of #African solutions for African problems.

Special thanks to The Rallying Cry for all the great work put into making this trip happen and the Apple Tree Capital Partners for sponsoring my trip. You're fantastic allies 🙌🏾.”

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