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Nog een keer de 15 investeringsprincipes in plaatjes

Als herhaling en goed begin van 2024, nog een keer de 15 investeringsprincipes in 15 plaatjes gevangen:

  • 120 years of stock market history in one chart

  • The longer your investment horizon, the better

  • Don't worry. Just focus on the long term

  • All you need is a few big winners

  • The psychology of a market cycle

  • Don't follow the herd

  • Different kinds of moats

  • Signs of excessiveness and extremism

  • This time it's not different

  • Invest in yourself

  • Invest for the long term

  • Companies with a high ROIC outperform over time

  • Why you should start investing early

  • The power of compounding

  • Percentage gains need

15 Visuals every investor should know.

Bron: Compounding Quality

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